Celebrate National Feral Cat Day!

National Feral Cat Day recognizes the stray and feral cats who live among us. These cats have a tough life outside and will generally live only 4-8 years – only if they survive kittenhood. 

If they are lucky and manage to make it, they will hopefully join a local “cat colony” cared for by a feeder, who monitors the colony for unaltered, sick or wounded cats so that they get the cats to the vets for spay/neutering, etc. 

Celebrating Feral Cat Day this week reminds mom of how we got to where we are today. It all started when she left NYC and bought our house with a backyard in a close community with a lot of cat lovers.

Mom’s Cat Rescue Initiative

Suddenly she started to see outdoor cats traversing the yard and a neighbor alerted everyone on the block that there is a new feral mom cat with kittens that were just born in her backyard.

Mom and the neighbors formed a “cat rescue initiative” and started trapping the cats. Each house donated to the TNR “kitty” and used the money to pay the spay/neuter/vaccination vet bills. In a year, they helped 4 adults and 4 kittens have a better life going forward. Three kittens were adopted and the others were released to where they were trapped. Two adults have stuck around one neighbor’s backyard and they feed and care for the cats daily.

The Local Cat Rescues

In the meantime, mom adopted me from The Lucky Cat (TLC) Rescue and both our lives were changed instantly. I got to live the cushy life - and mom found her passion!

From that moment to the present time, mom has dedicated herself to contributing in some way to improve the lives of our most vulnerable felines who are born on the streets or are abandoned house cats. 

Being a business person, she felt that she could “find money” to help pay the vet bills for the local trappers and cat rescue groups. She says they are so busy trapping, feeding and fostering the adoptables, they have very little time or energy left to fundraise. 

The Reason Behind Best Life Pets

As a passionate pet parent, Best Life Pets was started to share information on the simple things to give your cat its best life. We also wanted to encourage other cat lovers to get involved with cat rescue (if they weren’t already!) by fostering or donating time or money.

Head over to Cat Rescue for simple ideas on how to get involved and help your local feral and stray cats!

Meow Mini Mart Gives Back

From the beginning when we opened our cat boutique – Meow Mini Mart – we have committed to donate a percentage of all our gross sales to our local cat rescue groups. This way our customers can shop with a “purr-pose”! This was an easy decision to make, mom says, because in life, first you learn, then you earn and then you return. 

Mom is in her “return phase” and besides having fun designing and curating unique collections for the cat and the cat enthusiast, she can donate money from our retail sales towards the vet bills to spay/neuter our community cats. Additionally, she always has a donation jar for TLC Rescue in our pop-up shops – and our customers are very generous! Thank you to everyone who helps supports the cause!!