In Honor Of World Cat Day, Help Support Your Local Cat Rescue Group

Mom said that when she thinks about World Cat Day – it makes her think of all the homeless and abandoned cats on the streets locally and around the world. After all, what other cats would you think about?

You are not going to consider all the lucky cats that are safe, living in homes and well taken care, you are going to think about the most vulnerable cats out there! Scared, starving, exposed to all the elements, cars, wildlife and predators…each and every day!

The only way these poor babies can have a better life on or off the street is to be trapped, neutered, vaccinated and, then, either released back to the colony/area they came from or if the cat is friendly, it can be available for adoption.

If you want to know more about TNR and TNA, there are many articles on the web that you can access to become more educated and informed.

Trap, Neuter, Return Community

Also, there is a great Facebook group called Trap-Neuter-Return Community – it is a community of over 23,000 members worldwide. To join, all you have to do is click the "Join Group" button and a group admin will make sure you're not a bot or anything suspicious and will then accept you. 

Mom says this FB group has been one of the most eye-opening places to learn about the whole issue of trapping, neuter/spay and returning, etc…and its benefits! She has also read posts from other fundraisers that are happening…in general, this FB community is a great way to learn new ideas for the age-old problem of cats on the streets!

A ZERO Stray Cat Population Is Possible

The world has a huge stray cat population – some countries and cities more than others – and the 100% proven solution is consistent TNR/TNA programs implemented 365 days a year.

The cities and towns that have adopted such programs will see - and do see a reduction in the community and stray cat populations on their city streets. It is possible to even get to ZERO population growth over time.

Colleges Are Helping Stray Cats

Some colleges are even “adopting their campus’ stray cats” and organizing school initiatives for TNR/TNA in combination with the local vet. The students organize feeding schedules and trapping efforts, locate fosters and hold adoption events. That is a win-win for everyone – there is a reduction in cats living on the street and an improvement in the quality of life for all.

Beau and I were two of those stray cats on the Union City streets until TLC – The Lucky Cat Rescue found us and then matched us up with mom. She was so grateful to TLC that she offered to help with some of their fundraisers.

Meow Mini Mart's Mission to Help Stray Cats

Since then, we launched the Meow Mini Mart, our online shop and pop-up retail boutique. Mom decided that it would not only be a fun business to create, but it would be another way for us to give back to our community cats. Our commitment to our customers is that a portion of our proceeds will be donated each year to our local cat rescue group and others who are making a difference for the cats in our community here in Hudson County, New Jersey.

At the end of the day, each one of you can do something to help the strays in your local community – donate time or money, foster, and for sure - adopt and don’t shop! Meow!