June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month – Make it a Black Cat!

During these last few years of shutdowns and more people working from home,  pet adoptions and fostering have reached record highs and many shelters are celebrating by showing off all the empty cages! In addition, many millennials and Gen Z are opting to adopt pets rather than having children at this time. 

This trend towards increased pet adoptions looks to continue for the foreseeable future – YAY!!

In light of this and that June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, I want to highlight all the available black cats out there that are often the last color adopted in the shelters. Can you believe it?

Mom says the bias against black cats is basically buried in old-time superstitions that came over on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims that had developed in the Dark Ages in Europe. Witchcraft and black cats became synonymous at that time. 

Lately we’ve heard that “black cats don’t take great selfies? What?

Have you seen my photo on our Instagram? I am big, black and shiny! My coat glows in the sunlight! I have fabulous green eyes too which makes me extra special as most black cats have gold eyes!

Let me tell you why you should adopt a black cat!

  • Centuries ago, the Egyptians revered all cats and their Cat Deity Bastet was a black cat. Now that’s respect!

  • World-wide black cats are considered good luck and bring good fortune and prosperity into the home. No other color of cat can claim that distinction. There are too many examples to list all of them here, but consider these two:

    • In Japan, many brides receive a black cat as a gift to ensure a happy marriage! Similar things happen in the Midlands of Great Britain.

    • In England years ago, many fishermen and their wives felt black cats bought good luck to the ship and home. In that time, black cats became very highly valued and some people could not afford them! Now you’re talking!!

  • Today us black cats are considered elegant and sophisticated – true house panthers. We look great in any home decor-wise, and our fur doesn’t show up furniture or clothing as much as other kitties!

  • When you adopt a black cat, you will join a special club of black cat owners. Mom says its more like a “black cat club” who find each other online and at events and show off pictures of their black cats. Mom has met many families with multiple black cats including one family with 7 black cats! Meowza!

Mom always says, it only takes one cat to change your life and when mom adopted me, my life was forever changed as was hers. 

You might ask now, “Well did you bring good fortune into your new home, Laszlo?”.

Because of me, mom started helping our local cat rescue group with some fundraising events. In the meantime, I developed a food allergy, which mom started blogging about which then lead to the idea of our online boutique so we could raise money ourselves to donate to cat rescue and have some fun doing it! 

After multiple decades in the fashion business, mom has a new career and I have a job too as the voice and the face of the Meow Mini Mart! 

So YES, I have brought good fortune into our home and all because mom adopted ME – a black cat!

And, if you’re looking for cute (and useful) conversation starters, check out Meow Mini Mart’s Black Cat Initiative Collection – there are so many chic & fun kitchen & bar accessories all decorated with bblack cats!