3 Nutrients That Processed Pet Food Doesn't Have

Mom was doing her research for this post last week and came across an article from Primal Pet Foods. In the article they broke down the differences between “raw and processed” into the “haves and have-nots”….what raw pet foods have, versus what processed pet foods do not have.

Essentially raw food offers 3 important nutritional advantages over processed foods all of which lead to improved health and well-being for your cat or dog.

  • Enzymes

  • Amino Acids

  • Intracellular Moisture

Mom felt the article was super important so she insisted we tell you all about it as well as give you the direct link to see for yourself!

Raw vs. Processed Pet Food

In the article, Primal clearly explains the difference between raw and processed foods with each of the 3 nutritional categories, and why those components are key to a long life for your pet. Even though the post is written by the pet food company as a means of educating and promoting their raw food products, it is based on simple scientific facts about the ingredients in each product and the effects of those ingredients...or the lack there of.

She also wanted me to tell you to pay particular attention to the third nutrient – intracellular moisture – intense hydration from the inside out! Dehydration is a key contributor to many common ailments that bother pets!

It is a pretty compelling read and mom wants to encourage all of you who are on the fence about switching to an organic raw diet for your pet to read it – as it will most likely convince you to “go raw all the way".

For those of you who are looking for solutions to your pet’s food allergies – too much itching, scratching and licking – start to investigate the raw food solution to many of those issues in this article! Over 50% of all those skin problems are food allergies – and raw is the best cure.

One More Thing

Some of you have asked about freeze-dried raw food – is it the same as RAW…? Yes, it is, because it is raw food that had the water sucked out of it, but you must reconstitute it with a lot of water and give it time to absorb so that it

becomes edible.  Before Mom knew what she was doing with the freeze-dried (or "FD" as we like to call it!) food, she once left a bowl of it out for Beau NOT reconstituted with water, who ate the whole thing…and promptly threw it all up - all over the kitchen floor…ugh!

A freeze-dried treat is one thing – but a full meal of freeze-dried food MUST be soaked with water and rehydrated!

Also, mom wants to be candid with you, the freeze-dried raw food versions are always a lot more expensive than the frozen raw food. This is because the process of “freeze-drying” is slow and costly to produce. However, there is always a place for some FD in every pantry even when the pets eat "raw" all the time...it's excellent for traveling with your pets as it does not need refrigeration. We always have some on hand in case mom runs out of frozen raw food for us (really?) - and of course for emergencies if we lose electricity in a storm - which would ruin whatever was in the freezer.

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