Always Do This When Buying Your Cat Food

Recently, on mom saw an article written by Nat Berman titled, "The 20 Worst Consumer Rated Cat Foods".

Mom was in shock to see the list as it included many of the classic, famous pet food brands that are in all of the grocery stores, large pet shops and big box stores. According to the post, Berman simply read the ingredients on the packaging and rated the nutritional value accordingly.

Unfortunately, the KittenToob website has a ton of pop-up advertisements, so please be forewarned, but mom said it would be very educational for all cat owners to read the original post anyway and strongly encourages it as it will "blow your mind"...MEOW!

In the meantime, below are the 20 Worst Consumer Rated Cat Foods:

  1. Whiskas Kitten Formula

  2. Purina One Adult Formula

  3. Hill's Science Diet - Original Adult Formula

  4. Purina Kit'N Caboodle

  5. Friskies Seafood Sensations

  6. 9 Lives Indoor Complete

  7. Fancy Feast Filet Mignon Formula

  8. Purina Cat Chow Complete

  9. Hill's Prescription Diet with a Feline Low-Fat Diabetic-Gastrointestinal Formula

  10. Purina Feline UR RX Diet

  11. Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Wholesome Chicken

  12. Tender Centers Salmon with Turkey Flavors with Vitality Bursts

  13. Friskies Surf and Turf

  14. Meow Mix Orginal Choice Dry Cat Food

  15. Goodlife Recipe Indoor Dry Cat Food

  16. Munster Natural Cat Food

  17. Purina Cat Chow Naturals

  18. Ami Cat Vegan Cat Food

  19. Evolution Vegan Cat Kibble

  20. Optimum Adult Cat Food Formula

The overall message was that the nutritional value in each of these cat foods was low - sometimes not even a whole protein! Good quality cat food should start out with WHOLE PROTEIN MEAT as its first ingredient. "Natural and Healthy" was not a correct description of many of the ingredients and many foods were stuffed with fillers, chemicals and preservatives! Yikes!

Mom has always checked the ingredients of everything she buys for herself - and will not buy any item that has ingredients that she cannot pronounce and/or doesn't know what they are...and she says we have to apply the same principle to our pet's food!

The newer, limited ingredient pet foods are focused in the right direction with whole meat proteins, are grain-free and gluten-free and have fewer chemicals and preservatives. Mom says it's time to read the ingredients in your pet's food and make the educated decisions that will ensure your pet its best life!

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