Cat Odor Management

Mom often says she was sorry that she didn’t get a cat after she lost her dog, Hank, when she lived in the City. But she was always turned off to the idea of an indoor kitty in an apartment with a litter box because of the ODOR issue!

She says it used to be that when anyone walked into an apartment with a cat – they could smell it right away unless you had literally just cleaned out the box and lit incense or sprayed some flowery scent around! What do you mean our poop smells??? The nerve….!

Well, now she says everything has changed and it is so easy to have a sweet smelling home – well at least with no litter box odors!

The magic combo she says is the organic raw or freeze-dried diet with the new natural litters on the market, which, essentially have no odor themselves.

Cat Odor Management Tip: Raw Diet

The raw food diet is so pure that we absorb more of the actual food itself and therefore have less poop to well – POOP! And it has virtually no odor because it is pure and not filled with “stuff” that we don’t need like grain, by-products and chemicals - which are all what gives off a smell - by the way...meow!

Cat Odor Management Tip: All Natural Litter

Mom says that she loves the ÖKOCAT litter because even though it comes from reclaimed wood, it does not smell wood-sy…whatever that means!!! I have to admit it does not have an odor while I am” flushing and flushing”…I like to “flush a lot” to do my part in making sure my poop doesn’t smell up the house.

So that’s it she says…an organic raw diet and OKOCAT litter…and no more litter box odors! Really…truly…she swears!

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