Freeze-Dried Raw Food Is The Easiest Way to Feed Your Cats Raw

Mom says there has been some confusion about how to handle the freeze-dried raw food for cats and dogs. She says freeze-dried (FD) raw food is the easiest way to serve your pet raw food.

Freeze-dried versions of the frozen raw food diet are same, exact original ingredients as the frozen version – except it has had all the water extracted out of it. The process of dehydration takes anywhere from 14 – 18 hours, making it more costly. While FD raw food is easier, it is also 30% more expensive on average than the frozen version. Convenience has a price! Meow!

The Importance of Adding Water to Freeze Dried Food

Mom says the biggest thing to remember is – if you take the water out of the food so that it has a shelf life, you must re-constitute it with water to serve it to your pet! If you think about it for a moment – it makes sense!

And, in fact, you cannot serve it without re-constituting it with water – as it will be very difficult to digest. Mom once served Beau some FD food without water re-constituted into it and checked back 10 minutes later and he had thrown it up all over the floor!

Also, rule #1 is to make sure your pet stays hydrated enough – especially male cats – and freeze-dried food is a perfect way to get your pet to drink water with their delicious raw food! We are going to take the FD food and make a stew out of it! Yummy!

We have included some photos here so you can see how easy it is to serve raw food using the freeze-dried versions!

Select the number of nuggets to be served and chop into small pieces.

Pour warm water over the food – enough to soak all the pieces (make stew, not soup)…mix and let stand for 5-6 minutes…mix it a few more times and serve.

That’s it – so easy! Now even the busiest pet parent can serve their pet raw food!

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