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How to Keep Your Cat Hydrated All Year Round...Part 2

During my visit to Holistic Pet Care a few weeks ago, Dr. Buchoff said I was dehydrated and needed much more water in my daily diet. How he discovered this I do not know since we had just met, except he mentioned it as he was taking my temperature “you know where” – and had a hard time getting the thermometer up there – meow-ouch!

That surprised mom as she has been putting ¼ cup of water or bone broth in both our breakfast and dinner meals every day and thought that was sufficient.

Beau and I actually never drink water from the water bowl because we get a lot of our moisture from our defrosted raw food, although there is a fresh bowl of filtered water every day for us, should we get thirsty.

Of course if we have freeze-dried raw food, which requires hydration to reconstitute it, we probably get more water or broth in the bowl.

However the doctor said we need at least 1¼ cups of liquid a day! And the best way would be to pour it over our food for each meal, especially since we don’t frequent the water bowl.

Mom said she had to think about that idea for a bit because it meant that our meals, which now resemble “stew” with the ¼ cup of broth or water and we like it…but now with a ½ + cup, our food will become more like “soup” – and you know how us kitties hate change!

So mom started to slowly introduce more liquid to each of our meals, and over the course of 3 weeks, has us up to ½ cup in each meal for a total of 1 cup of hydration every day. So we are on our way!

I must say there have been a few times when I said “enough with the liquid mom”…and walked away from my food…but she sprinkled some freeze-dried chicken breast flakes on top of the “soup” – and that lured me back to finish my meal – liquid and all! She says it’s like “parmesan cheese” when she uses the crumbled chicken as a topper…but we call it “kitty krack” because we love it so much!

The only other dramatic result of this increased hydration is – what goes in – must come out!

So it’s a good thing that we have 3 litter boxes for us 2 cats! They are definitely getting more use! Mom says she doesn’t mind the extra cleanings, if it means we are well-hydrated and that the increased liquid intake adds to our wellbeing.

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