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Raw Cat Food your Pet Needs: Rad Cat

Mom says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and she means us feline males too!

She really cares about what Beau and I like to eat and is always on the look-out for the next delicious thing in organic foods and treats!

What is Rad Cat raw Cat food?

Recently she was introduced to a new brand – Rad Cat – all organic grass-fed beef, free-roaming chicken and turkey meat.

It comes in a tub and after it defrosts, it looks like chunky, bloody hamburger meat – kinda gross she says…eye-candy is what I say! YUMMY!

Because it is so raw – it reminded me of eating “in the wild” and it totally drove me and Beau to act as though we are wild animals – and we kinda, well actually, attacked Mom while she was trying to feed us! She says it turned us into ravenous, starving kitties just from the smell of the raw meat and we lost our manners!

She did mention that it is a little more expensive than our usual Primal Feline so we have to treat it very special…and can only enjoy it a couple times a week. In the meantime, she says we have to work on our table manners!

No attacking the waitress! Especially since she is the same person who will scratch our backs and rub our bellies!

We love Rad Cat – and want more! Laszlo and Beau approved! Meow!

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