The Best Cat Treats Only Have One Ingredient

When mom switched us to a BARF - “biologically appropriate raw food” diet, we had to go all the way and throw out the old pre-BARF treats too…to tell you the truth, I never really liked those Temptations treats that everyone says us kitties love!

Single Ingredient Cat Treats

After doing her research and speaking with the team at Wholistic Paws, we were introduced to SINGLE ingredient pet treats – namely whole freeze-dried chicken breast meat – which while labeled a dog treat, was affectionately known as “Kitty Krack”!

I mean really – what cat or canine doesn’t love a pure meat protein – and you know it is pure by the way the freeze-dried chunks break up into smaller pieces and flake. Yummy Beau and I say!

Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

From there mom was on the hunt to find other single ingredient treats made by small organic and all-natural pet food producers and soon Beau and I were being offered a plethora of delicious treats of all sorts of different whole meat proteins…beef, salmon, duck, rabbit, turkey, anchovies and of course, our kitty krack is still #1, but we love how mom rotates them so we gain from all the different nutrients that each protein offers.

Sometimes, there will be more than one ingredient and mom says that’s ok as long as it is limited to just a few – and you can recognize them as good ones like veggies and fruits, etc…FREEZE-DRIED is the best preservation method in her book…nothing processed or baked as it kills all the nutrients…dehydrated is good too but know that freeze-dried is the most optimum as it preserves 95% of the nutrients, while dehydration can only preserve 55% to 60% of the nutrients.

Beau and I have been working on mom to give us a treat “mid-day” as we love them so much…we start around 9:30 am circling her legs – but she always reminds us that we just had breakfast 3 hours ago! Nevertheless, we wear her down with our sweet little purrs and leg rubbing, and she always gives in mid-day because she loves us so much!  And we love her! Meow!

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