A Holistic and Preventative Approach For Fleas

First, a couple reminders: Beau and I are INDOOR ONLY cats, and mom has a big problem with the “poisons” as she calls them in flea meds unless they are absolutely necessary. So let’s start there!

You may be thinking, when is it necessary?

When there is a dog in the house (not necessarily) or the cat is an “indoor-outdoor” cat (possibly yes).

There has been a lot of debate on the topic of whether indoor cats really need flea meds even if there are no dogs in the house. The traditional consensus is YES because you could bring a flea in on your shoes from your property or the street. But the holistic-minded pet parents would say NO, it’s not necessary unless your area or property is flea-infested.

With that in mind, we are focused on some home remedies for proactive flea prevention just in case your indoor cat might get fleas, which is highly unlikely. But it’s better to be safe than sorry as they say!

As always, let’s try to do it without chemicals, treatments and collars that can have side effects and adverse reactions from skin irritations, flea allergy dermatitis, hot spots, seizures and even death.

Before we start, let’s remember that a healthy cat from the inside out has a better chance at not getting fleas than a less-than healthy cat.

We recommend a diet of fresh, raw whole animal proteins filled with naturally occurring digestive enzymes and vitamins that would otherwise be destroyed by processing and cooking.

When we eat commercial pet foods from “Big Pet Food “companies, the ingredients are often made up of animal by-products and other discarded parts deemed not human-grade that are filed with hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. 

Should your cat get fleas, do not use a flea dip! They are filled with lots of chemicals. Fleas will die with any gentle soap such as our organic shampoo or even baby shampoo.

Do not use Dawn either!

Here are a few natural defenses against fleas!

  • Cedar chips – sprinkle them in your outdoor garden as a ground cover. Fill your pet’s bed with cedar chips inside

  • Rosemary – grind up into a powder and sprinkle in your pet’s bed and condo 

  • Cumin OR Brewers Yeast  – add a ½ tsp food which makes the cat’s skin become unappetizing to fleas 

  • Create a spray for the cats with the following choice of ingredients:

    • Spray your cat if it will let you – otherwise spray your hands and rub/pat your cat down with raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar diluted with water or brewed chamomile tea, let it cool and dilute with water 

  • You can also squeeze a fresh lemon (NOT a citrus essential oil) and rub your cat down.

  • A cup of lemon juice is also very good to add to the wash when cleaning their bedding if you have an outbreak of fleas.

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