Pet Diabetes Month

November is designated as National Diabetes Month to increase the awareness of this common endocrine disease in humans – and how to hopefully prevent it (Type #2) as well as how to treat it and live with it in a proactive, healthy way.

With the increasing number of us pets coming down with diabetes, the pet industry decided to tag along on this "human holiday" and raise awareness of the shocking statistics for cat and dog diabetes!

Diabetes In Pets

Depending upon the article you read, 1 in 250 – 500 animals will be diagnosed with diabetes. Dogs tend to come down with Type #1 diabetes, whereas cats come down with Type #2 diabetes. 

It can be managed, but it cannot be cured. And it can be fatal.

What Causes Diabetes In Pets

How did it start you ask…why are us cats and dogs coming down with this human disease?

Very simply – pet obesity which is caused by a poor-quality diet and little exercise. Over 50% of dogs are considered obese, and almost 60% of cats! Meow!!

Like you humans, it all starts with the diet. We are what we eat, just like you!

Help Prevent Pet Diabetes

As those of you who have been following us know, we regularly talk about the importance of a fresh, raw food diet to help provide optimum species-specific good health. The food is pure whole animal protein and additional ingredients according to feline and canine requirements.

By following this simple fresh food diet, Beau and Bouvier stay trim and “over-weight” will never be used to describe them. As for me however, I used to weigh 15lbs when I was 18 months old and now I weight 14lbs and I am almost 9 years old. Mom tells me that I am just big-boned and bulit like a Sherman tank - but the vet is always harping on me! I know it's not a lot of weight loss, but by being proactive with the correct diet, hopefully we can prevent diabetes in our family. 

Exercise is also important to help stave off diabetes as well. Having three cats can help with the exercise, as Beau and I love to rumble and tumble daily and chase each other around. Bouvier and Beau like to race back and forth the length of the house. Bouvier also likes to place fetch with his little ball and will drop the ball in front of mom - and she will throw it and he chases it and trots back with the ball in his mouth. Have to say its pretty cute!

Every day it is important that we cats get some exercise even if we are the only cat in the house. Spend 15 minutes each day playing with your cat – whether it is the feather wand – or the little balls that we love so much – toss it and we will chase it for sure! 

Where to Find Pet Diabetes Information

Mom really likes the Pet Diabetes Month site! She feels it is a great source of information to educate pet owners about the symptoms, treatment and management of pet diabetes. She agrees with them that the greatest risk for the pet, today, is the lack of owner awareness that pets can and do come down with diabetes. And it is growing every year!

Mom says that all pet parents should use this November to learn about pet diabetes and the symptoms to see if your pet is experiencing some/any of them.  

With the help of their site, pet owners can find all the info they need to act if they suspect their cat or dog might have diabetes. And be sure to check in with your vet immediately if you suspect something might not be right with your pet.

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