Warm Weather Means Open Windows – Be Mindful of Your Cat!

Simply said: cats are like toddlers!

And just like toddlers, you have to watch out for us cats because we can get into trouble. And open windows, even with screens, can be trouble for us curious cats.

This time of year, mom says that she repeatedly sees posts for lost cats all over social media. Many say their cat busted through a window screen or managed to slip through a 3” opening at the bottom of an unscreened open window. The stories are always the same, sadly.

Cats Are Houdinis

Yes, we cats can be Houdinis! Cats have been known to “work on” a small hole in a window screen and over time rip a big enough hole to bust through.  Other cats have slithered through a very small open window that doesn’t have a screen. 

If we can get our heads through the opening, then our body can follow. Now, we are not talking about a super fat cat, but within reason that is the rule of thumb. Wait a second, I don’t have any thumbs!

But in all seriousness, you can never trust a cat or a toddler and you can never forget that we are curious creatures and love to explore. Windows are like TV and have lots of “shows” for us to watch but an open window could allow us to actually get out there to be part of the “nature show”.

Just like having a toddler, mom always is aware of where Beau and I am and what is going on. First of all, mom doesn’t really have to worry about me as I know how good I’ve got it as an indoor-only cat – and I have no real interest to go outside. That said, mom still doesn’t trust me 100% because I am a cat.

Beau on the other hand will always be a “juvenile delinquent” and still will jump up on the window screen with claws out, and hang on which tears a small hole in the screen every time. Mom says our screens looks like a cheese grater in some places.

Left to his own devices and the screen on some back window up on the second floor where no one goes, he could over time create a hole big enough for him to slip out. YIKES!

Keep Your Windows Closed

That is where mom comes in!

She basically is always mindful of where we are and what we are doing and which windows are open. If we are sacked out for a few hours, she can get on with her work without too much concern for the open screened windows.

However as a matter of security, no windows are left open when mom goes out to run errands. As she says, you wouldn’t leave your toddler alone with open windows!

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