International Cat Day is the Perfect Day to Launch International Shipping at Meow Mini Mart

Did you know August 8th is International Cat Day? 

It was started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to raise awareness for us felines and to learn ways to help and protect us!

As one of the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world, they work to rescue individual animals, preserve habitats, safeguard populations and advocate for greater animal protections in general.

In some countries, it is called World Cat Day, but call it what you will, I like that you humans make up special days to celebrate us cats! Meow-za!

In honor of International Cat Day, we are launching international shipping at our Meow Mini Mart online boutique! We are very excited to announce this new feature that we can now bring to our International followers. 

Since we opened the shop we have had inquires from many parts of the world, but we weren’t fully ready to expand deliveries beyond the US during our first year. 

Being very customer service oriented, we decided to add international shipping options because you asked for it and we heard you! And now is the purr-fect time to launch it!! Let’s celebrate all things feline next week and every week!

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