Tabby Dates: New Dating App for Cat Lovers and Cat Owners

Mom says the most exciting news she has heard recently is that there is a new dating app for cat people to connect!

All About Tabby Dates

Started by two sisters, Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who had previously launched a dating app in 2008 for dog lovers called Dig. Finding success with that app, they have now created Tabby Dates for cat people!

While the concept is based around dating and cat owners, the app’s intention is to also connect people who love cats but may not have a cat currently due to landlord issues, etc. It also helps pet professionals like groomers, trainers or sitters who love cats and want to interact with other people who like cats.

If you are in the cat world, you know that rescue is a huge issue because of all the stray cats on the streets of America. Tabby Dates can be for you to to meet other individuals who also share your passion for TNR and TNA to share best practices.

Making Connections on Tabby Dates

Tabby Dates is not just about romance, some connections may be based on a mutual love for felines and will lead to a long-term friendship. It can also be a great networking site for fellow cat lovers.

Users will have the opportunity to plan dates around their joint interest in cat things. They can share videos, photos and stories as well as receive exciting deals from cat companies.

The app will launch on International Cat Day (August 8th), the holiday that was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The holiday’s intention is to raise awareness for cats and learn about ways to help and protect them.

Tabby Dates Partners

Two cat-loving men in the cat community have teamed up with the founders to support Tabby Dates and its mission! They are the actor and Internet cat video creative, Nathan Kehn and Atlanta-based cat advocate and TNR/TNA extraordinaire, Sterling “TrapKing” Davis

Both these gentlemen understand the challenges facing cat-loving guys on regular dating sites, but Tabby Dates is bringing together the community of all cat lovers and cat owners, who are looking to connect with other cat lovers and owners. How Purr-Fect!

Rumor has it that if you follow Nathan and Sterling on Instagram, there might be a discount coupon for the app announced by them. 

And speaking about price, the app is free and you can fully participate and create a profile for you and a separate one for your cat! There are additional tiers, with enhanced features up to $39.95.

Mom has always said she needs to meet a cat man because owning cats is a lifestyle and it affects your whole life. In order to have a relationship, she needs to find someone who loves cats the way she does! Obviously, we three cats agree!