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The Luuup - My New Favorite Litter Box

In addition to trying out new litter, mom went all the way and ordered me a new litter box! YIPPEE! She found an advertisement for The Luuup in Catster magazine and doing research on the litter box ended up at the top of her to-do list. A few weeks later, The Luuup arrived on our doorstep!

What is The Luuup?

The Luuup is a stackable 3-tier litter box that allows the pet parent to sift out the waste completely eliminating the need to bend over and scoop, and scoop, and scoop.... For me, that means that my mom has more energy to bend down and tickle my belly! The Luuup makes both of us very happy.

Since we are a 2-cat family, we need at least two boxes. Also - Beau, mom, and I live in a three-story townhouse, so having litter box options on multiple floors is super convenient for all of us. When mom saw that Luuup was running a special for $99 that if you buy 2 boxes, you get 1 free, so she knew she needed to take advantage of it! 

If you are looking to save money and you are a one pet family, grab some of your cat's friend's parents and see who was looking for a new litter box. Maybe you can split the cost and save some money - to maybe, even possibly buy your cat a treat or two! We do love treats...

The price of the box is certainly in the more expensive range - but aren't we worth it? Ok...just kidding...but really! If, as a pet parent, you are a little hesitant to spend a little extra on a litter box, keep in mind that this is still less expensive than those fancy self-cleaning litter boxes. 

Luuup's sifting cleaning method is fairly straight forward and so far mom is pleased with the result. Hopefully she will purchase some more boxes so Beau and I can use the bathroom at any time!

The Luuup - Mom's Month-Long Update:

After using The Luuup for one month, mom says she is very happy with it and strongly recommends it as the pet owner who has the nasty job of cleaning our box. 

As kittens who eat only a raw food diet, where there is a lot of water naturally in the food, you can imagine that we leave way more liquid waste behind than solid waste. 

Mom says that she's got the sifting and cleaning down to a science - it took her about a week, but once she found her rhythm there was no stopping her! She places her elbows between her knees and "shimmies" - which is another term for sifting side to side - she has found this to be a great upper chest exercise! The whole sifting process takes about 15-20 seconds - then deposit the waste in the trash - and a couple more minutes to wipe the tray with a damp cloth and replace at the bottom. Voila mom says! So the Luuup is mom approved and kitty approved, too!