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Picture of a brown colored felt cat pen laying on a white surface
Close up picture of a brown colored felt cat pen laying on a white surface
Picture of a brown colored felt cat pen laying on a white sheet of paper on a wicker surface
Picture of a collection of different colored felt cat pens inside of a wooden box

Felt Cat Pen Topper - Ginger

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These cute cat faces adorn the tops of felted wool tubes that conceal a pen to write sweet kitty notes! Handmade in Nepal by an artisan cooperative under fair-trade and sustainable guidelines, these pen toppers are 100% hand-dyed virgin sheep wool. All-natural and free of chemicals. Each cat face pen topper comes with a ballpoint pen. The topper works well with a pencil too. Pen topper lengths range from 7.5" - 9" (19cm - 23cm) without the pen insert. While each of our cat toppers all looks similar, they are handmade by one artisan from start to finish, and therefore no two cat toppers will be exactly alike. Each cat topper is unique and has it's own individual look and expression - just like real cats!!

Product Features:

  • Unique Design - Charming and clever
  • Handmade - Created by an artisan under fair trade
  • Eco-friendly - All-natural processing and chemical-free

Key Benefits:

  • Catify Your Home - Show your love for felines
  • Collectible Keep for yourself, give to your child, or your best feline friend (BFF)
  • Confidence - This artisan creation was made with sustainable practices

Product Weight:

1.3 oz 

Product Measurements:

Approximately 7.5" to 9" 

Product Material:

100% virgin sheep's wool 



Care Instructions:

Be careful with your cats as they may try to attack it

Additional Information:

If your cat sinks her paws into the pen, you can dampen the affected area with warm water and re-shape it with your hands

Made: in Nepal