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Two tubes of cat ear cleaning solution and ear swabs standing on a white surface
Picture of a cat ear Cleaning Kit with white tip swabs standing on a white background
Picture of a cat Ear Cleaning Kit inside of a clear tube with white tip ear swabs in it standing upright on a white background

Ear Cleaning Kit for Cats

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An innovative system that simplifies the ear cleaning process for you and your cat.

Pure and Natural Pet ear cleansing tips are washable and reusable and designed to be highly effective at absorbing dirt, oil and grime. Each tip has two different size tips to effectively clean the entire ear.

Remember not to insert any tip down into the ear canal. Focus on the ear wing and the outer areas at the entrance of the ear canal.

The ear cleansing serum soothes and deodorizes with certified organic oils.

Kit includes:

  • 15 reusable ear cleansing double-ended tips
  • 1 FL.oz Cleansing Serum