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Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue
Cat Metal Statue

Cat Metal Statue

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Reclaimed abandoned metal oil drums are collected by Indian artisans who cut them up and create new works of animal folk art. 

We love their interpretation of our feline friends! Each of our cats have a charming expression as they stop and stare at you! Our stretching feline shows off the original graphics on the reclaimed oil barrels.

While each sculpture is similar, no two are exactly alike just like our real life kitties.
Given the metal material and the individual artisan's handcrafting method, you will have a very unique piece of feline folk art!


  • Recycle Art - Abandoned metal oil drums are used to create something new
  • Handmade Original Artwork - unique design and creativity
  • Fair-trade and Sustainable - Artisan cooperatives who help support their village


  • Conversation piece - collectable and different
  • Eco-friendly - taking something old and creating something NEW
  • Unique - no two sculptures are exactly alike

 MEASUREMENTS:  6" tall - 11" long - 4" wide


MATERIAL: reclaimed metal oil barrels and drums

COLOR: similar as photographed, but not exact. No two sculptures have the exact same graphics or colors in the exact same place.

MADE IN: India