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Grooming Aids

Why would anyone need grooming aids and products for cats, you might ask, when it is well known that most cats are fastidious groomers themselves!

When the product can do a better job – such as the case with Pura Naturals Pet grooming aids.

First, we were attracted to their beautiful packaging – clean and sophisticated – and then wowed by their company mission statement and the products themselves.

The PURA team of scientists, engineers and product developers are dedicated every day to finding better ingredients, using renewable and earth-friendly sources, creating more effective formulas and developing innovative products.

Every product they offer is made in the USA, cruelty-free, tested on humans, non-toxic and made with human grade ingredients. They use organic ingredients whenever possible as approved by the USDA.

They have taken even extra care with their feline products as cats are allergic to most essential oils and many scents. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that the natural and organic ingredients that they use in their waterless grooming aids are cat-safe!

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