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Meowijuana Catnip

100% organic catnip grown and packaged in the USA – chemical and preservative free

If you’re Always on the prowl for something fresh, hip and organic to offer our feline friends, we were super impressed with Meowijuana, a Catnip Company.

This company’s product quality and clever marketing comes together in a top-shelf premiere brand of organic, all-natural catnip that’s harvested at the peak of purr-fection and grown right here in the USA…we just love the “spoof on the name” – of course anything that starts with MEOW gets our attention!

There is a robust assortment of catnip choices to select from…such as the ‘Bag of Buds’, or the ‘Purrple Passion’ (which also has Silvervine added), or even some ‘Kalico Kush’ (which also has Valerian Root added) — they even have a 100% pure catnip oil spray that can be used to refresh old toys.

Just for fun, we offer some great, catnip stuffed “kick-around” toys – like the highly popular Meowy J’s…yep, looks like a joint, but cats can’t light it (no thumbs).  In spite of all the fun, Meowijuana truly delivers on their promise to offer great quality products that both you and your cats will really love, and as a diligent pet parent, you can have the confidence to know that there are no chemicals or preservatives (and NO CBD or THC) used in the manufacturing of these products.

So just a few ‘Fun Facts’ on Catnip:

  • 15% – 20% of cats do not respond to catnip. If your cat is one of “those” – perhaps you can try a ‘blended product’ that uses either Valerian Root or Silvervine, to which that 20% may have some ‘high’ interest in.  Of course catnip is not intended to change a cat’s nose, but it is a great product to stimulate healthy activity for our four-legged friends.
  • While there are roughly 10-12 uses for catnip, the products sold here are NOT for human consumption even though it looks like it could be!
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