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Vital Planet has a 20-year history making natural health products for humans. Their belief has always been that optimum health can only be achieved through proper nutrition, supplementation and an active lifestyle. It is this same philosophy that continues to propel them forward in their mission to deliver excellent health products for our pets.

They have developed an extensive collection of natural cat supplements – leading off with their high-potency probiotics, as well as their condition-specific supplements for many of the issues that bother cats and dogs today.

Being a premium brand, they use the highest grade organic products whenever possible, multi-strain probiotics and the finest human-grade ingredients throughout the production. Vital Planet supplements are free from impurities, toxins and heavy metals as well as are non-gmo, grain-free, gluten-free and manufactured in the United States.

They are Good Manufacturing Practices Certified according to the standards and regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as certified by the National Animal Supplement Council guaranteeing that the product is of the highest quality and meets the highest standards.

Just a couple of disclaimers:

  • As with every new food or supplement introduced to your pets, we always suggest introducing things slowly in the beginning so as not to upset any little one’s tummy! We suggest starting with ¼ of the suggested dosage per day – and work up to the full dosage over 2-3 weeks.
  • We also believe in “level measurements” and not “heaping” measurements.

Learn more about probiotics here.

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