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Newly introduced are our exclusive pet beds in 2 shapes/sizes. Produced in Peru by the same knitting cooperative that hand-crochets our pet collars, each bed is hand-crafted by one artisan from beginning to end, therefore each bed is unique and no two are exactly alike. Each bed is crocheted with a luxurious chunky alpaca yarn and feels almost like a hook rug when finished – thick and substantial, yet pliable and soft for your cat or dog's comfort.

Our colors are comprised of sophisticated neutrals with a couple of pop colors. All are very versatile and can easily blend into your home décor, from contemporary to traditional, mid-century to casual farmhouse and rustic interiors.

We wanted to create a luxury pet bed that reflected the style of the home and could easily blend in and not be some eyesore in a synthetic or crazy print fabric. 

We call them “chill pads” because our cats like to sometimes just hang out on it and watch the goings-on in the room…other times they groom themselves on it…they also “rumble and tumble” with each other on it…and then of course, they take a catnap on it! 

A special note for our canine parents...our chill pads are a perfect "time-out" spot when training your dog...teach them to go to their pad when they need a time-out after being naughty - or when you just want them to chill out!

The beds are very easy to transport as you can fold them in half, and in half again, creating a triangle and they can also roll up like a rug. Do not worry when the sides flatten no matter how you fold them, because they will easily pop back into the original shape with a little help from them on the floor…or on the bed…or on a bench...flatten the base and stand up the sides!

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