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Pet Accessories

Meow Mini Mart Pet Accessories

“designed for cats…but desired by all small pets…”

Our exclusive collection of pet collars are 100% hand-knit alpaca wool, which is one of the world’s most luxurious fibers. From the fleece of the alpaca animal high in the Andes mountains of Peru, the yarn is hand-crocheted or hand-knitted into an assortment of collars and other collectible designs – sure to be noticed by everyone!

Color is our creative director’s forte and she loves to put together special color combinations that can celebrate holidays and “every day”…as well as offering the sophisticated solid colors that work for all the many beautiful animals who wear them!

Each style and item ordered have been made by one artisan from the beginning to the end – therefore each piece is truly unique as no two pairs of hands are the same. The artisan is a part of a 17 member knitting cooperative of ladies who help support their very poor village.

For us, it is women supporting women, and we are happy that our sales help them help their town.

Our listed measurements are approximate and planned that “one size fits most”… in the case of certain collars, fit can be adjusted by moving a button at the closure. 

Many of the unique pet collars are embellished with different buttons and charms that complete the fashion story of each pet collar.

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