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Pet Swab Cleaning Sponge Tips
Pet Swab Cleaning Sponge Tips
Pet Swab Cleaning Sponge Tips
Pet Swab Cleaning Sponge Tips

Pet Swab Cleaning Sponge Tips

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Multi-purpose pet cleaning sponge swabs are washable and reusable!

Pure and Natural Pet cleaning tips are designed to be highly effective at absorbing dirt and oil in the ear. These tips are easy to use for cleaning your pet's teeth of food particles and helping to prevent plaque buildup. Additionally they are excellent at applying ointments, first-aid, cleaning between the pads on the paw and secretions from the eye corners.

For Sphynx cats who have wax buildup on the toe nails, these tips are useful to help clean up the wax.

Each swab has two different size tips to effectively clean the area of focus.

If you are using them for the ear - remember not to insert any tip down into the ear canal. Focus on the ear wing and the outer areas at the entrance of the ear canal.

Kit includes: 20 reusable double-headed cleaning swab tips

Product Features:

  • Medical grade quality sponge material
  • Double-headed - two different size tips
  • Washable and reusable
  • Multiple uses

Key Benefits:

  • Best quality for longer use
  • Two tips provide easy access to small and large areas that need cleaning
  • Less "throw-away" tips that go in the trash after one use

Product Material: medical grade foam on a soft flexible tip stick

Product Measurements: Approximately 6"

Product Weight: 2oz.