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Picture of a green and white tennis ball and a brown ball on a stick for pets on a white background

Cat Toy Set - Dynamic Duo

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Two of our best toys packaged together for some dynamic feline playtime!

The felted mini tennis ball is the purr-fect size for our feline friends to chase around. Likewise the silvervine lolli-pop is sure to entice your kitty, even those that do not respond to catnip! The shape and the smell is sure to grab their attention!

A silver vine lollipop and our classic felted wool mini tennis ball are shipped together - purrfect to keep or to give to another feline lover!

Product Features:

  • 2 pc. toy set - combining two of our felines favorites
  • Felted ball is sheep's wool - no chemicals used in the manufacturing
  • Silvervine lolli-pop is a double winner - fun toy and a cat intoxicant

Key Benefit:

  • 2 different toys to keep your cat's attention
  • good for multiple cat homes
  • both are all natural products


Product Weight:  .08 oz

Product Material:  Tennis ball - 100% sheep wool, lolli-pop ball is 100% silvervine compressed and the actual vine is the stick