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Picture of florescent green and black plush bee toy with catnip filler standing on a white background

Meowijuana Get Buzzed Bee Wand with Catnip Filler

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Fill this bee with catnip and watch your cat do backflips chasing the bee!

Product Features:

  • Organic Catnip - 100% natural grown in the U.S.
  • Great Concept and Design - Clever and funny
  • Cat Approved Entertainment - Felines love Meowijuana

Key Benefits: 

  • Confidence - High-quality, pet safe, and no chemicals or preservatives
  • Gift Giving - Purr-fect for your cat or your BFF
  • Crowd Pleaser - For both the cat and the owner

Product Weight:

1.6 oz 

Product Measurements:

5" bee with 8" wings, 10" wand with 22" string, and 4" canister of catnip

Serving Size:

.5 grams = 52 servings

Product Material:

Plush Bee with 4" canister of organic catnip

Additional Information:

We recommend transferring the catnip to a tightly closed mason jar to preserve long-term freshness