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Heart Toy - Off-White
Heart Toy - Off-White
Heart Toy - Off-White

Heart Toy - Off-White

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Hearts are the favorite shape when it comes to showing love for your pet! These heart toys are hand-crocheted alpaca wool with cotton batting and 3 jingle bells inside. Each heart features embroidered whiskers and a sweet heart-shaped nose!

The bells attract the pet as they bat it around the room, yet are not so loud as to annoy the pet parent!

The knit texture provides some added fun as the cat's nails often get caught on the yarn. Watch them try to shake the toy off!

We know that hearts are synonymous with love, and clients tell us their cats and dogs love these toys!

Designed here in NJ and handmade by our knitting cooperative in Peru under sustainable and fair-trade standards.


  • Charming toy in the shape of a heart with embroidered whiskers and nose
  • Jingle bell inside provides an audible sound to attract the pet
  • Knitted texture provides extra fun for the pet


  • Provides entertainment for your pet
  • Size appropriate - it is the right size for cats and small dogs
  • Easy item for you to toss to your pet and engage with them in playtime

Measurements: 3.5" X 3.5"

Product Weight:  1 oz. 

Material: Alpaca wool yarn hand-crocheted with cotton batting and bells inside

Colors: Off-white with black whiskers and a pink nose