The Kitten Lady Shows Us How to Foster Kittens

Dedicated to our most vulnerable felines – orphan neo-natal kittens.

Mom went to a very special workshop this week – Saving Kittens’ Lives – given by The Kitten Lady – Hannah Shaw and hosted by the Meow Parlour NYC. Hannah is a neo-natal kitten specialist and is 100% dedicated to the most vulnerable – the neo-natal newborn kittens who are found outside without their mom and/or turned into the shelters.


Kittens under 2 months old are the most at risk as they are basically unadoptable at that age. They have too many needs, shelters are not equipped to handle them and neonatal fosters are hard to find. Also, shelters are full of diseases and the environment can be deadly for a tiny feline with a compromised immune system to begin with! So when they show up at the shelters, they are generally euthanized as a course of action.

As Hannah explained it, “tiny kitten babysitters” (aka fosters) are the only way to save them! Working with a rescue group and/or a shelter directly, these “kitten saviors” are the only chance these tiniest felines have at life!


For the next 2 hours, Hannah detailed every aspect of becoming a foster…breaking down the entire process and its responsibilities in simple terms. She walked her devotees and newfound followers - “week by week” – through the early kitten life and de-mystified many of the misconceptions that one might have.

She delivered the training with charm and wit…lots of “good visuals” including 1 week old little Hank who someone dropped off to her a few days ago. She also showed cute videos and offered marketing ideas to help get the cats adopted…she fully engaged the audience with her commitment to kitten welfare and solid information about what it takes to be a successful kitten babysitter!

Her site is filled with lots of tools and she encouraged everyone to go there and download whatever information they need as they consider becoming a tiny kitten babysitter!