Why Fostering a Rescue Cat is an Important Part of the TNA Process

Well mom made the big leap and decided to foster one of the friendly cats that are up for adoption in Union City!

While she volunteers in other areas for the rescue group, she has resisted fostering because Beau and I are no longer receiving vaccinations nor traditional flea meds.

So what changed you might like to know…the foster need was great and the rescue group leaned on mom – and she caved…with the stipulations that the cat be an adult, fully vetted and can be integrated into the feline household – an easy going personality was key.

Say hello to Jack! He is 3 years-old – a Tuxedo with outstanding white whiskers and white socks…he also has big paws! I have to agree that he is pretty handsome.

He is super affectionate and loves to be petted and held, he is very chill and likes to hang out and relax. According to the rescue group he mixes well with other cats because he is “laid back” – but he really prefers the humans in his life over other cats!

He is living in our storage room with a sliding glass door between him and us who are inside the main house checking him out…Beau and I are reminding him daily who’s the cat boss…plenty of hissing and low growls through the glass door…mom is waiting until the last of his tests come back to introduce us!

We can tell he is all happy being here as mom is giving him lots of attention and kisses as he adjusts to being out of a cage – and feeling safe and cared for.

However mom says he’s thin and bony – you can tell that he’s had some sort of a rough life before now – so we have to fatten him up. Mom immediately put him on a raw diet and added a probiotic and salmon oil to his dinner...also giving him a treat mid-day. She is hoping and praying that she can convince the future adopting family to continue that diet!

Mom says the foster’s role is important to help get the cat ready for adoption – it’s not just a babysitting job. Besides working with the rescue group as to what tests and/or vaccinations are necessary for legal adoptions in one’s respective state or municipality, the foster can also boost the cat’s immune system with a proper diet, improve the cat’s overall health and appearance to increase its chances of getting adopted quickly!

When you tell the adopting family that the raw diet leads to reduced poop, no litter box odor, lower vet bills, lessens the chances of pet cancers, reduces plaque leading to fewer dental issues, helps keep teeth healthy, among many other benefits...that is a pretty compelling story! And it costs no more than a better quality, limited ingredient commercial cat food diet which is processed with chemicals and preservatives.

If interested, Jack would be perfect for a family with a young daughter or son who wants an adoring pet to hang out with or maybe a senior who is looking for a lap cat! Jack will be the most loving and loyal boy to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him!