Alert: Why you should Buy your Cat Dog Treats

Mom is always on the lookout for new organic treats for us since we are such good little kitties (well, most of the time!)! Actually, there are not a lot to choose from so she often looks in the dog section…which I will never understand...

Dog Treats are for Cats Too!

...and as long as it is a 100% organic freeze-dried single ingredient protein treat, she figures if dogs can eat it, then it must be okay for cats too...I wish she was wrong...but she isn't! I have one smart mom - I hope she is reading this! LOL!

Last week she came home with Awesome Anchovy treats by BooBoo’s Best – yum yum I purrrred….the bag is full of freeze-dried individual little anchovies that are so delicious…Beau and I go crazy when Mom brings the bag out! And if your kitty is a little finicky with food, these anchovies are great crumbled up and sprinkled on top to stimulate the appetite! Meow WOW!

Anchovies are a cat-approved Fish

Mom says that she heard two opinions when it comes to feeding us anchovies...I know that she would never give Beau or I anything that would harm us...but I still wanted to eavesdrop when she was talking to one of our neighbors. She was saying that anchovies are an oily fish, which means that Beau & I get all the omega-3s we need WITHOUT mercury. She read that it is best to feed us fish as a treat and not as a meal (who knew!)...which is fine for me because that means I get raw meat AND anchovies...boy, my life is great! Anyway, she also mentioned that it is a cat superfood...I'm not sure if that is like Superman or not, but I'll take it! Buy your cat some anchovies, your feline friend will thank you!

Made in the USA from fine organic imported ingredients – these treats are definitely Laszlo and Beau approved!

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