Special Cat Treats That Your Cat Needs Now

I am about to share with you a special cat treat that is affectionally known as “kitty krack”…

One day Mom came home with a new treat that she picked up at the holistic pet store…Whole Life Pure White Meat Chicken – freeze-dried DOG treats…

WHAT? Dog treats for us felines…? Is this a joke? I was really hoping that mom didn't go and get a dog...

Why do they call these special cat treats "kitty krack"?

Mom immediately calmed me down and told me to “just try it…you’ll like it”! She said the store told her that since its only ingredient is pure chicken, how could it not be for cats too! Matter of fact – they told her that the cats love it so much – that it’s nickname is “kitty krack”…meow!  

Well with that kind of endorsement – she didn’t have to ask me twice!

And all I can say is this treat is everything they said and more – YUM YUM all the way!!!

It's so delicious that Beau and I practically ripped the bag out of Mom’s hands when she says “its treat time”…it is addicting – now I know why they call it kitty krack!

Whole Life Pure + Nacho Flay

And its reputation with us felines is spreading! Mom and I were watching CBS Sunday Morning a couple months ago, and they did a segment on Bobby Flay - the Master Chef and Restaurateur and featured his Ginger boy, Nacho who is even bigger than me at 20 pounds….and what did Bobby have in his hands – a bag of Whole Life Pure Chicken - getting ready to serve up a treat to Nacho!

I say MORE KITTY KRACK PLEASE – definitely Laszlo and Beau approved!

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