The Growth of The Holistic Lifestyle For Pets

Mom just came back from the Pet Connections Expo in Philadelphia and was all excited by what she found at the show.

While it was a regional show with approximately 50 companies, she said the exciting news was how many companies were focused on all things green, holistic and authentic…from the food ingredients to cat litter to how things were made in sustainable ways to offering preventatives and supplements so pet parents can be proactive instead of being reactive when an issue arises.

The Focus On A BARF Diet

Starting with the small, but entrepreneurial pet food companies who sell through independent pet stores, boutiques and online specialty stores, every single company was focused on the source of their ingredients and following the ideology that cats and dogs should eat a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet according to each species.

Mom says that the raw diet has finally started to move into the general population as people are becoming more educated about how “us pets are what we eat”…just like our human parents…and more people are paying attention to the ingredients in the food they serve us!

She also said that there were many more companies in comparison to when she started 3 years ago – offering a plethora of preventatives and supplements to augment the diet of cats and dogs…certain ones were for healing, others were preventative…and others apparently did both.

Dental treats were in demand amongst many of the buyers – however the category of “healing from the inside out” – prebiotics and probiotic, immune-support, overall digestive tract support seemed to have the most interest.

In addition, CBD oil and healing treats are becoming more mainstream and are very popular as alternative medicines for us pets!

Mom was very happy after she attended this show – as it bode well for the improved health of cats and dogs. As more companies recognize the need for us pets to have an organic and sustainable lifestyle, they’re working hard to make it simple, not expensive and accessible for all.

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