Why Your Cat Needs to Try A Fresh Raw Food Diet

When mom started feeding me “raw” over 4 years ago, we were definitely considered by our friends to be “out there”. After much research, she decided that I would live my best life by following the BARF diet – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

How A BARF Diet Helped me

Suffering from “overgrooming” issues and literally licking myself bald in places, mom was desperate to bring me relief from feeling icky, itchy and scratchy all day long – which usually means a food allergy.

Within 30 days, I stopped overgrooming and all my fur grew in. Over the next few months, I lost some weight, my black fur felt soft and luxurious – and my coat glistened in the light!

Also, my poop reduced by 50% in quantity because my fresh, raw 90%+ animal protein diet has no fillers, no grains, no chemicals or preservatives….so there is less to get rid of…and less for mom to scoop!

Also, I can say that my poop doesn’t smell! OK well a little, but so little that people who visit don’t even know there are cats in the house! 

Again, it’s because the food is natural and purer so we are eating better.

Remember we are what we eat – just like you humans! 

A Raw Diet Is Easier Than You Think

It has been substantiated in many studies that the huge increase of “human diseases” in pets – such as diabetes and cancer – have been linked to the poor diet and low-grade foods that many pets live on.

Often the owners are not educated yet about the “raw diet” particularly for cats, or price and the logistics of feeding raw are perceived hurdles that they feel they can’t handle.

However, I am here to tell you that the raw food diet is growing in a way to becoming the dominant offering on pet stores shelves in the not too distant future. We can thank the Millennials for this growth as they want to eat healthy and they want the same for their pets so they are pushing this change.

Besides the independent, organic small family-owned raw food companies who started 30 years ago, now you have every major pet food company racing to catch up. 

The raw food “cow” is out of the barn – and it’s not going back in!

In a nutshell, mom feeds Beau and me a fresh, raw food diet twice a day for less than $3.00 a day – total! That’s $1.50 for 2 meals a day for one cat! 

How We Use “Frozen Raw” Food

Mom buys “frozen raw” as it is the best value for fresh food. She takes it out and defrosts it overnight in the fridge. She also keeps a bag of freeze-dried raw on hand in case we are out of the frozen version.

Cooked and processed foods that come in a can or kibble bag cannot compete with fresh food with the price of the raw becoming more affordable than ever. And the ease of serving raw is here now with frozen, freeze-dried and dehydrated options.

If you haven’t tested a fresh, raw animal protein diet yet with your cat or dog, now is the time to jump on the raw bandwagon. The price is right and the time-invested is manageable and allows you to change your pet’s life – and yours!

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