2 Reasons Why You Need A Stainless Steel Bowl For Your Cat

If you want to talk about “wholistic and sustainable” when it comes to our bowls, you should only consider using stainless steel. 

But more about that in a bit…

Our bowls in general, both for food and for water, have been going through a major upgrade over the last decade based on our feline needs, consumer preferences and technology.

Currently you pet parents have an ever-widening selection of bowls to choose from – depending upon your cat’s food, your feeding schedule and your home décor! Mom always checks out the bowls at the pet trade shows and reports that the bowl choices are many and prices range from low to high depending upon whether it is utilitarian, decorative or decked out with the most current technology for feeding your pet.

If you feed your cat dry food – there are many choices of automatic food dispensers that can be set on a timer – particularly useful to those of you who work long hours. Your kitty never has to be waiting for you to come home to serve dinner!

Mom has seen many photos on social media of pets enjoying their meal from a beautifully designed “feeding station” that compliments the home’s interior décor – very fancy I say!

But she always comments how the stainless bowls are under-represented and wonders why when you consider all the benefits of stainless steel…?

Types of Food & Water Bowls to Avoid

There has also been a recognition of whisker fatigue syndrome in cats who have to put their faces into deep bowls, causing their whiskers to be bent back – causing discomfort to a cat – and the reason why some cats will take their food out of their bowl and eat it on a flat surface like the floor.

In response, some bowl manufactures have added bowls that are wider and shallower – 8” across by 1.5” deep.

Takeaway #1: The optimum shape for a cat to eat from is “low and wide”.

Even serving your cat on a paper plate is better for the cat than a deep bowl meant for a dog who doesn’t have whiskers like cats do!

And with the growth of the BARF diet – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food – raw, fresh food either frozen of fresh-dried, stainless is the only medium to serve your pets food in.

Why only stainless steel, you might ask?

Takeaway #2: Stainless steel does not trap bacteria or dirt the way plastic and ceramic can and do. “Wash-proof” bacteria can hide in the scratches and cracks in those materials, but has no place to hide on the stainless steel.

Stainless steel can last forever and is scratch & chip-proof and doesn’t fade. While it may be a few dollars more, it is worth it in the long run as the plastic and ceramic bowls have to be replaced from time to time.

Mom believes that no matter what food you feed your cat, you should only consider investing in low, wide stainless steel bowls for all the reasons discussed.

They are the most wholistic for the cat’s health and safety as well as are sustainable in that they last for a very long time.

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