3 Simple Supplements Can Make the Difference in Your Cat’s Life

When I was adopted, I was an itchy cat most of the time, scratching my body and ears regularly and then over-licking and losing fur! Mom said I was a sad looking cat and I can tell you that I didn’t feel that well either!

After being diagnosed with a yeast infection which signaled an allergy all over my body and in my ears, mom went down the “research rabbit hole” of allergies in cats, and in addition to the benefits of the raw meat protein diet (frozen or freeze-dried), she also kept reading about natural supplements…specifically coconut oil, salmon oil and probiotics and their effects on allergies.

It seemed that these 3 simple ingredients could be easily included in cats' (and dogs'!) diet and offered HUGE benefits to the pet…so mom started to include these 3 items in my raw food.

1. Coconut Oil

Add ½ teaspoon to breakfast daily. Beau loves it so much, he has been known to jump up on the counter and steal his portion before mom has had a chance to mix it in our food! He is so crazy!

Check out “coconut oil for pets” online and read about all the natural benefits and there are many…the same benefits that humans get from coconut oil apply to us pets as well!

Two that struck mom were that, when ingested, coconut oil has naturally occurring anti-fungal properties that help cure the yeast infection like I had…and some pet parents have used coconut oil as a flea repellant – massaging coconut oil into their pet’s fur…hmmm mom wasn’t so sure about that suggestion as it is “oily”…except it would be fun to style my fur like “Elvis”…or make a “Mohawk” down my spine she said! Thanks but no thanks!!

2. Salmon Oil

Specifically wild Alaskan Salmon Oil…add ¼ teaspoon of the oil to dinner daily…filled with Omega 3 fatty acids (as is coconut oil) which are polyunsaturated fats that have many health benefits namely helping from the inside out by boosting the immune system…allergies such as food, environmental such as pollen…and skin issues caused by parasites…have all been helped by adding salmon oil to the diet. Please note that the oil needs to be kept in the refrigerator to stay fresh. While the cost of the bottle can seem high at first, it lasts forever since I only get 1/4 teaspoon a day...mom says it is like 5 cents a day.

The additional benefits of adding the coconut oil and the wild Alaskan Salmon oil is that my fur is like silk – super shiny and glossy! The raw diet contributes to that as well, but the oils kick it up a notch!

3. Probiotics

Should be given daily to help restore and maintain good gut health…Beau and I share 1 capsule a day. Certainly, indoor/outdoor kitties need it as they might eat “something funny” outside…but us “indoor only” cats need it too as we love to chase spiders, basement centipeds, ants etc…and if we catch ‘em, we eat ’em! Mom says Beau and I have never had gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea or regular vomiting like many cats experience, and while it can be for a couple reasons, mom is confident that the probiotic gives us added protection from the inside out – we have happy guts! Mom calls it "tummy insurance"!

The salmon oil and the probiotics are all available online at Amazon or Chewy.com and in some specialty pet stores. Coconut oil can be found at your local grocery store. Mom is always on the hunt for new holistic and natural products that can offer affordable solutions to the many issues that pets and their humans deal with - so stay tuned for future updates! 

In the meantime - get going and add these 3 simple supplements to your pet's diet daily! Your kitty will thank you for it! Meow!

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