All About Plants and Pets

Since the beginning of Best Life Pets almost three years ago, mom has always given thanks for other websites and resources of cat-specific information that have enlightened her along her research path.

Leaf and Paw

Recently she came across a blog called Leaf and Paw, which is dedicated to all things plants and pets. She immediately connected with the blog’s focus and its content.

While Leaf and Paw focuses on pets, specifically dogs and cats, the information addresses cat’s needs regularly rather than taking a blanket approach and discussing pets “in general” which is usually dog-centric. 

The blog was started by Anastasia, an avid plant collector and her husband who have a household posse of two cats, an African Pygmy hedgehog and over 50 houseplants in residence. The exciting part for us is that they have a green-eyed all-black cat named Harlequin, who became the inspiration for the blog after having an adverse reaction to eating a certain plant! Hey, wait – that sounds familiar!  

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