Celebrate World Veterinary Day!

Started in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) as an annual celebration of the veterinary profession, its intention is to highlight and promote the life-saving work that veterinarians do for your pets and for all animals.

It is a global professional observance celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April. Each year, the organization selects a theme and this year the theme is to celebrate the work of veterinarians to protect the environment. 

The worldwide veterinarian community recognizes that climate change has its effects on the health of animals and humans and that we are all connected today. This year its overall mission is to promote environmental protection for improving animal and human health.

This choice of topic is particularly timely on many levels. Currently, there has been the speculation that the COVID-19 virus perhaps transferred from the wet markets, live animal markets in Asia, to humans. And locally in NYC, the Bronx Zoo has 3 tigers and 3 lions who tested positive and the only source appears to have maybe been their specific caregiver who tested positive. And the latest news is 2 domestic cats in NY State have tested positive. Perhaps the humans are passing it to the animals?? At this time, there is no evidence that the virus passes from us cats to you, nor do we contribute to the spread in some way!

So how can we celebrate our own veterinarians? 

Mom came up with a good idea to send special thank you cards to our two vets. They probably don’t get too many thank you cards except when they save a pet’s life or something similarly dire. Just to thank them for being good practitioners and caregivers to your pets is something they don’t hear every day!

You can also shine a light on them on your Facebook and Instagram pages thanking them for all they have done for your pets. Who knows, maybe one or more of your friends will start using your vet’s services!

Every veterinarian appreciates clients’ testimonials and referrals to help grow their practices.

We Want to Thank…

In our case, we want to personally thank Dr. John Hatch of Secaucus Animal Hospital in Secaucus, NJ and Dr. Gerald Buchoff of Holistic Pet Care in Little Falls, NJ for all they do for Beau and me!

And we also want to thank the Animal Planet channel for featuring all the vets that they do who provide life-saving services to pets and service animals all over this world. God bless all the veterinarians out there! Thank you for your commitment and service!

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