Let’s Celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

This weekend we celebrate National Holistic Pet Day – of course in our house we celebrate a holistic lifestyle every day – by living it.

Growing up in Los Angeles, mom has always focused on living a holistic lifestyle for herself. It was easy for her to consider that I should be living one too when my overgrooming was getting out of control and it was determined that I had a food allergy!

But before we go on, let’s discuss what “holistic” means!

Holistic practices and lifestyles treat the whole pet just as it does with you humans – body – mind – spirit - the big picture. It takes an integrative approach to treating the total pet to hopefully ensure a longer, healthier and sustainable lifespan. A holistic lifestyle will always try to resolve issues through diet, environment, exercise and mental stimulation before it resorts to chemicals and drugs.

Holistic has nothing to do with ingredients - there is no such thing as holistic meat or holistic fish, etc. Check out all-natural and organic when it comes to ingredient listings.

Holistic Eating

For Beau and me, eating holistically means the BARF diet – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food – fresh raw food for our feline species – 90%+ animal protein for us carnivores. We never graze and are used to being fed twice a day and eat everything in 5–8 minutes. If we are good mom gives us a mid-day treat – freeze-dried single meat protein.

Holistic Environment & Exercise

Mom pays attention to Beau’s and my environment to ensure that it is “safe and sound” for us kitties…from making sure there is nothing bad that we can scoop up and eat, to cleaning the house with organic products and eliminating scented plug-ins as well as not burning candles anymore – except at dinner under strict supervision.

As for exercise, we have a mom who loves to be sure we have a lot of climbing opportunities, as you know we kitties like a high spot in the house from which to view our kingdom! 

And since we are two boys, we love to rumble and tumble and chase each other up and down and around the whole house! One of the many reasons to have two cats! 

Holistic Mental Stimulation

And for mental stimulation, mom keeps us supplied with organic catnip and silver vine which can be found at Meow Mini Mart so we can zoom around the house chasing our intoxicating toys! She loves to throw them to us and watch Beau and I have a race to grab it first. I usually win! And let’s not forget the feather wand sessions and fishing pole toys…Beau jumps the highest! Of course there are always our favorite toys - empty boxes and brown paper packing materials to jump inside and play around in…and hide! All the better to scare her when we take a swipe at her ankles as she walks by!

Holistic vs Traditional Veterinary Practices

Okay, all fun aside, living a holistic lifestyle also means considering Integrative Holistic Veterinary practices before invasive surgeries, having anesthesia, taking chemicals and drugs, etc. Holistic vet practices include such things as homeopathic medicines, chiropractic services, and acupuncture. 

We love our traditional vet who we see every year. We also love our holistic vet who is certified as a traditionally educated vet, but believes in the benefits of Eastern medicine for pets.

Many of you pet parents are exploring more holistic solutions for yourself as well as for your pets. The best example today is the growth of CBD for both humans and pets.

Mom says we are very blessed because we live in Northeast New Jersey and we have a wonderful all-natural and organic pet products store nearby with 2 locations…Wholistic Paws in Ridgewood and Ramsey.

And the owner, Katrina, and her husband, Karl, are mom’s “411” when it comes to cats and dogs living a holistic lifestyle starting with the diet!

Mom got to visit with Katrina last week regarding my gingivitis and we are trying some things. She said mom and I are soul-mates and that I am her Spirit Animal – I kinda like that idea! Meow!

As always, mom says to be sure to check in with your vet annually for a check-up and contact them immediately with any serious health situations. A holistic lifestyle is about “everyday living” to hopefully prevent certain diseases and accidents from occurring to begin with – it is not a replacement for a traditional vet visit!

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