Why Cats Need to Exercise

Whether we like it or not, us kitties need frequent exercise! Just like you humans, obesity is on the rise in cats and is generally caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise.

As many of you know, we are a fresh, raw food family which has contributed to Bouvier's, Beau’s and my overall good health from the inside out. You can learn more about what we have said about the BARF diet and how it can transform your cat’s health and well-being here.

We are also a three-cat family which brings us to today’s topic – that us cats need to workout!

The Benefits A Multi-Cat Household

The absolute easiest way to get us off our butts and running around is to have a second cat. Every cat advocate from rescues, cat behaviorists and adoption groups promote the concept of a two-cat household. Cats are NOT solitary creatures, though there is the rare exception when a certain cat needs to be the only cat in the house.

Generally speaking, cats will become buddies and spend part of their day playing together and rumbling and tumbling around the house. Being three boys, it was a natural for us and thankfully it has worked out great. Beau and I are particularly a good match because I was a couch potato until he showed up with his energetic personality. It is a “Yin and Yang” situation, but it works as he gets me moving!

It’s important to consider the personalities when adopting a second cat, to hopefully ensure that they will “exercise and entertain” each other, which is a win-win for all. 

It is also important that we exercise with our humans for 15 minutes a day whether we are a solo cat or we have an in-house posse! 

Remember we love you and it is a great way to bond and have some fun, too! And surely 15 minutes a day devoted to our health and well-being is not too much to ask!

How to Be Active With Your Cat

Get out the fishing pole or feather wand as we love to jump high to catch it…15 minutes goes fast!

Throw the little balls we like to chase around the floor – some of us cats will even play fetch with you and bring it back – stay actively involved and hunt down the ball and throw it to us repeatedly to make us get moving for 15 minutes.

Break out the catnip and silvervine toys and watch us go crazy for a few minutes, but be sure each cat has its own kicker or stuffed toy…granted we might get too stoned to stay active for 15 minutes!

Here’s an easy one – roll up a plastic bag into a small ball and toss it to us so we can play hockey. Mom always says cats can be a cheap date!

And if you’re looking to splurge a little, there is that fabulous spinning wheel exercise contraption that mom is fascinated with – One Fast Cat has one. Mind you, we have never tried it ourselves, but some of our furriends have one and seem to be getting lots of exercise!

She says if we are very good kitties, maybe Santa will bring it to us for Christmas! Meowza!

No matter how you get us moving – the important message is that we need exercise to offset the fact that we like to sleep 18 hours a day!!!

I can brag a bit – and say that between diet and exercise I have gone from a hefty 15.5 lbs to a sleek 13 lbs over the last year – so it does work!!

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