Pet Appreciation Week - How Cats Can Make Us Healthier And Happier

Mom always tells me that Beau, Bouvier and I contribute to her good health – both physically and mentally every day!!

Well, no wonder why she is a happy cat parent since we three kitties know how to take care of her! After all, she does so much for us every day!

It is a well-known fact that pet ownership, in general, can provide many benefits for the human from emotional to mental to physical support. But us cats have some extra “pixie-dust” that make us stand out amongst all domestic pets.

Inspired by Pet Appreciation Week and experiencing all those magical benefits, she wanted me to remind our readers just how helpful us cats are every day!

How Cats Help Humans

COMPANIONSHIP – you will never be lonely or bored with cats around!

We have needs to be attended to – two meals a day plus plenty of treats, a clean litter box, brushing and dental care as well as some daily playtime together. And, in return, we will be there for you purring, head-butting and comforting – sure to bust you out of any negative feelings or thoughts.

And let’s not forget all the fabulous cat videos out there to entertain you and make you laugh at all the goofy, scary and crazy things us cats do every day! If you need a lift, just tune into YouTube!

PLAYTIME and EXERCISE – Cats like to “hunt–prey”, even more so if they are indoor-only cats, so break out the feather wand or the little balls that we favor so much and let’s play!!! 

Swing and dip the fishing pole or wand for the next 15 minutes or so while we try to jump as high as we can to catch the “prey” at the end of the line! Who can be the fastest – the human or the cat? We will get a work-out – and our humans will get some decent upper arm and back workouts – be sure to switch arms!

And oh by the way and very important with the wand - be sure to let us catch the "prey" i.e. the dingle-dangle hanging off the wand a few times during play so we don't become frustrated!

As for the little balls, throw the ball and watch us go for it and maybe even bring it back for another toss! If not, go get it and toss it again! Good for the legs and the glutes! Together we can get a burst of exercise! 

Some indoor cats like to walk outdoors (on a harness and leash only) with their humans and check out nature together. Some humans are walking and hiking with their kitties in enclosed backpacks with bubble windows or mesh screens. Us kitties get a dose of the outdoors safely and our humans gets exercise!

IMPROVED HEALTH – the internet is filled with articles that inspired mom to share this with you as the benefits are many – and all of them scientifically supported – here are some of our favorites!

  • Cats can help with heart health – purring can help bones heal and grow

  • Petting a cat reduces stress

  • A baby born to a house with a cat will have a chance for fewer to no allergies to pets, grass, dust and ragweed

  • Cats help autistic children learn about sharing, showing empathy and giving comfort

Cats are easy to care for once you have our basic daily needs met – oh by the way – be sure to have 2 cats so we don’t get bored and lonely while you are working and out socializing! It will be good for your mental well-being to come home to a happy cat! Meow!