Celebrating Black Cats in Honor of National Black Cat Day!

Our house is very partial to black cats seeing as how I am one!

When mom moved to our house 5 years ago, she wanted to adopt a cat after not having one for many years. From the start, she set out to find a black cat and with the help of TLC (The Lucky Cat) Rescue, she found me! That was almost 4 years ago – and I will say that I am definitely a lucky cat!

Mom and I, we’ve done a lot together in the last few years! From starting this blog to launching our shop, Meow Mini Mart, with a philanthropic mission to donate a portion of all sales to our local cat rescue group. 

We also introduced our Black Cat Initiative where we advocate for black cats and hope to help change the narrative that black cats are bad luck. Which is simply not true…it is quite the opposite actually! 

We have talked about our love for the black beauties and how they have been considered good luck by many cultures for many centuries since the time of the ancient Egyptians! 

Over the last few years, mom has met so many cat lovers who have black cats – that we consider ourselves part of a very special “black cat” club! She met one family who has 7 black cats in the house AND they can tell them all apart!

Black Cats Are Good

Cat owners who have a black cat in their life all say the same thing – they are the sweetest, the most affectionate, the coolest – the mini house panthers always have a special spot in their human’s heart!

And mom says the good news is that she sees the tide turning for the black cats as the younger generations tend to love all animals – and particularly seem to love black cats and consider them good luck!

Here are few facts about us black cats!

In most countries around the world, black cats are considered good luck, from bringing prosperity into the home, ensuring that a ship will return home safely, bringing a good harvest, and even helping a single woman have many suitors!

There is not just one breed of black cats – there are in fact 19 breeds that list black as a color option. However, Bombay Cats can only be black.

What Makes Black Cats unique

Many black cats have golden eyes as a result of the high melanin pigment content in their bodies. I happen to have green eyes which a few of us do.

This melanism which makes black cats black (opposite of albinism) also has a gene that appears to add a bit of immunity to some feline diseases like Feline HIV. It is currently being studied further to see if there is something to be learned for humans.

Black cats are both male and female, however, it seems that males are more prevalent. 

This National Black Cat Day – celebrate with your black cat! And if you are considering adopting a cat – please consider adopting a black cat!

Black cats and black dogs have the lowest adoption rates of all the adoptable pets! 

We blackies have all sorts of personalities just like you humans! Which makes us a great candidate for a forever home! Mom liked me for my cool manner and “zen-like” confidence since that fit with her lifestyle. Others may prefer a needy kitty who won’t leave their side. 

Mingle with a few black cats – and pick the personality that suits you!

We will be sure to bring good luck into your home!