My Favorite Natural Litter: ÖKO

You will notice that my litter is very important to me. In fact, just like when you humans use the bathroom, I also do some of my best thinking while in the litter box. One of my goals of my new website is to help your kitties live an organic lifestyle and that includes their litter! I am sharing all about my new, all-natural, litter that I think your kitty should try too!

After 2 years of using ground walnut shell litter, mom said she was tired of the "brown dust" that the litter created. I'm a big cat and when I get in the box, I like to kick up the litter to dig the perfect spot and mom says that the dust flies. She still believes in the ground walnut shells (gluten-free and no odor of its own), but this week mom made the commitment to try out a new cat litter that has less dust. 

All About ÖKOCAT All Natural Litter

While reading her favorite magazine, Catster (you'll notice that this is a theme of how mom finds some of the new things), she discovered ÖKOCAT litter made from 100% natural timber wood (fallen trees in the forest, etc), which is sustainable and has no chemicals, dyes or synthetics. This litter is also 100% biodegradable, so it won't get stuck in the garbage dump for years, you can even flush it down the toilet! 

It has very good clumping ability (liquids expand 500%) and excellent odor control (they claim it has a 7-day odor control) though mom cleans the boxes every day. After using it for a few days, it was quickly apparent that it is virtually dust free, which made mom very happy!

I made mom proud and was able to get used to this new litter very quickly. After a little sniffing and staring, I took the plunge and haven't looked back. I'm glad I got used to it quickly because I heard mom tell her friends that she doesn't plan on switching back!