World Animal Day

This week the global community of animal lovers and advocates will celebrate World Animal Day. Started in Italy during the 1920s, it has now grown to be a worldwide social movement to raise the status of all animals in order to improve animal welfare standards around the globe.

What is World Animal Day?

This initiative was formed with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. Its intention was that all people from around the world could unite as an animal advocate community and become a global brand for animals.

Today there are over 1,000 events in around 100 countries dedicated to World Animal Day, ranging from local schools and small businesses to big corporations. World Animal Day showcases all the events around the world so that any individual or organization can know which events are happening near them. 

This has been very helpful for the grassroots community groups to organize local events under the World Animal Day umbrella. By listing their events on the website, they can tap into all the benefits that come with the World Animal Day brand. 

Check out their website for the list of events this October 4th to see what is happening in your area. 

They also offer the history and development of the initiative through the decades which mom said was very interesting!

How can you get involved in world animal day?

The overall mission is to increase awareness and offer more education for both adults and children to change the attitudes of people towards treating animals in a humane and compassionate way. To accomplish that, consider the following:

  • Animal blessing services in houses of worship.

  • School events to engage and educate the younger generation such as animal-related films, concerts and competitions.

  • Workshops to educate the owners of working animals.

  • Radio/podcast/TV interviews to raise awareness of animals and World Animal Day.

  • Sponsored spay/neuter events with vet groups.

  • Shelter open days and pet adoption events.

Everyone can make a difference for the animals! 

Get involved and show you care! #ActLocalAffectGlobal