Your Cat's Litter Box

This may certainly be a smellier post than some of my others, but I don't feel that we talk about litter enough. It is one of those topics that both humans and cats run away from. I have never understood why, since I happen to love hearing litter stories. Anyway, time to tell you about my love of litter...clean litter.

There is nothing that beats the feeling that I get when my mom cleans out my litter box. In fact, when it is cleaned every day, I actually enjoy going to the bathroom. I know that no pet parent enjoys cleaning out his or her cat's litter box, so I came up with some things that may help when taking care of this chore.

Litter Box Tips:

  1. Turn the emotion around - and realize how much your cat appreciates a clean box
  2. When your cat is happy, he or she will most likely reward you with better behavior
  3. Remember - the scooping activity takes less time per day if you clean your cat's box every day
  4. Replace my box every couple of years to avoid it starting to smell like urine. Even though it is plastic, over time it absorbs the urine. I don't particularly like to smell old urine while I am using my litter box and I'm sure you don't want to smell it when you clean your cat's box.

My mom and I will continue to research new innovations in feline waste management - it is a win-win for everyone!