About Meow Mini Mart

Founded in Spring 2018, Meow Mini Mart is conceived from the idea that there are very few online stores dedicated to all things feline. Couple that with a desire to give back to our local cat rescue group and our business was launched!

We specialize in all things CAT - organic catnip and treats, handcrafted toys,  grooming and wellness products. We feature an exclusive in-house collection of hand-crocheted fashion collars and accessories in fabulous colors for all those Paw-ties and Instagram photo-ops!

Additionally, we feature a unique selection of gifts for the cat enthusiast & pet parent so as not to be left out of all the fun! Check out our home decor and Kitchen and Bar items.

Everything that we offer in Meow Mini Mart is approved by the two cuties above - Laszlo and Beau! Laszlo and Beau are our own focus group - they are both brutally honest with what they like and what they don't like. 

A percentage of every sale is donated to the TNR/TNA efforts of TLC Rescue* and other related associations who contribute to the positive well-being of our community cats in Weehawken and Hudson County, New Jersey.

About Our Owner & Creative Director

Meow Mini Mart Cat Treats Cat Toys

A former fashion buying and merchandising executive and business owner, Sherry Cassin brings an extensive knowledge of retail and design as well as a deep understanding of trends in consumer lifestyle behavior.

Moving to New Jersey and adopting two cats from a local rescue group was a game-changer for her as she also recognized that the trend towards “all things healthy, holistic and preventative,” was as important to pets as to their human owners.

The basis for her next business started as a concerned cat parent trying to play an active role in her cat’s food allergy issues and blogging about her findings & the new practices and trends in today’s cat wellness. In addition, she also started volunteering for her local rescue group doing fundraising.

Launching Meow Mini Mart is a perfect fit for her as it combines her professional retail experience and her personal desire to give back for the sake of the animals.

*The Lucky Cat Rescue is a US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization based in Weehawken, NJ. TLC Rescue is dedicated to working with the Hudson County, NJ community to reduce the number of homeless cats, by trapping, neutering and returning healthy feral cats; adopting out friendly cats (neutered and fully vetted) and through education and outreach programs focusing on animal health, safety and pet retention.