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Hello! My name is Laszlo. I am an American domestic shorthair black rescue cat living in Weehawken, NJ with my adopted human mom – Sherry. 

In early 2017, mom and I started Best Life Pets to share with you the simple things that you can do to help ensure your cat lives a holistic and sustainable long life. 

We focus on a few basics that are easy to do such as only feed your cat a fresh raw food diet, do not let them free-roam outside – indoor only, and eliminate chemicals and toxins from your cat’s life as much as possible. We cover many topics from Food and Nutrition to Health and Safety to Cat Rescue and beyond.

The blog has lived on its own for some time now, but we have decided to bring it to so that you have one destination to educate yourself & shop all your favorite cat-themed items!

Since I am the face and the voice of the blog, be prepared for a kitty’s eye-view on everything and everyone. I may let one of my two adopted brothers, Beau and Bouvier, weigh in sometimes if they behave themselves!

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