Picture of a black hand-knitted cat collar with silver charm around a brown bust of a neck

Black Hand-crocheted Love Cat Collar

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Show your love to your little darling by circling their neck with our 100% alpaca hand-crocheted LOVE cat collar! Offered in many solid colors as well as our multicolor combinations, it will be hard to choose which one you love best. Each color combination is decorated with its own specially chosen charm. Since the charms have limited quantity, as we finish one charm we find another just as special.

Product Features:

  • 100% Alpaca Yarn
  • Vintage-inspired and collectible charm 

Key Benefits:

  • 100% Alpaca Yarn - Luxurious and all-natural
  • Comfortable - Soft and extremely comfortable for your feline friend
  • Flexible Fit - Wear it as a choker or as a pendant
  • Versatile -Great for all small pets


Each collar’s measurements are approximately 10" around and are meant to be worn as a "necklace".

  • Each Circle – 1” in diameter
  • Strap with back button closure 


100% Alpaca Yarn 



Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in cool water with delicate soap. Do not wring out, air dry