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Honey Wound Care - 2oz.
Honey Wound Care - 2oz.

Honey Wound Care - 2oz.

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Natural veterinary wound care ointment...medical grade Manuka Honey and organic essential oils inspired by an ancient Egyptian wound salve...naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

Easy to use on small and large animals. Cuts, scrapes, hotspots, ulcers, burns and other acute wounds.

Heals up to 15 days faster with minimal scarring and stimulates hair regrowth.

Defends against bacterial growth in the wound naturally. Repels insects to prevent irritation.

Apply a thin layer to a freshly cleaned wound. Cover with bandage if necessary. Repeat every 1-3 days as needed. Keep wound clean.

Always check with the vet if the wound is deep, or if irritation appears, or there is no improvement after 7 days.

2oz. size - purr-fect for multi-pet homes!