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Red and ivory pet collar with gold colored beads on them around a tan brown bust

Red and Ivory with Gold Bells Royal Ruff Collar

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Inspired by all things royal, this classic “euro ruffle” pet collar will add immediate style to any pet. It has an elasticized neck opening, and slips gently over the pet’s head and can rest higher on the neck or also slouch down a little lower for some royal attitude! 100% Alpaca, hand-crocheted in a lacy stitch, it is purr-fect for all our little princes and princesses!

Product Features:

  • 100% Alpaca Yarn - Luxurious and all-natural
  • Hand-crocheted in lacey stitch
  • Two-tone and Three-tone combinations

Key Benefits: 

  • Comfortable - Soft and extremely comfortable for your feline friend
  • Flexible Fit - One size fits most. Great for all small pets

Product Weight:

0.8 oz 

Product Measurements:

These cute cat collars are scalloped and the width ranges from 1 ½” – 2” all around.


100% Alpaca Yarn


Red and Ivory

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash in cool water with delicate soap. Do not wring out, air dry